“Boutique Mentoring helped me to better understand how to place myself in the photography world, how to market my work,and what steps I should take to pursue my photography ambitions. Hayley answered a lot of my questions on how to navigate a professional career in the creative industry, and I found her honest feedback on my portfolio-to-date very valuable.She also went out of her way to connect me with her peers, so I could further learn and work on my skills at their studioshoots. I can recommend reaching out to Boutique Mentoring to anyone looking for ways to navigate the photography industry.”

Maria Biardzka

“I got in touch with Boutique Mentoring to help me with my portfolio and some much needed advice on the direction of my photographic practice. Hayley was critical yet supportive with her review. We had a really constructive meeting which left me with lots of targets and suggestions for me to get the work I want to be doing. As a freelancer, who operates on their own, it was so beneficial to get the critique and advice from Hayley, who was not only lovely to talk with, but has many years of experience as a top-end photo agent and works with the biggest advertising agencies out there. Professionally, it refreshed me and gave me that drive to get out there and show my work. Thank you!”

Jonathan Browning

“Through Hayley’s extensive expertise and experience in the creative industry, I gained critical and valuable feedback that helped me focus on my artistic vision. In addition, she shared niche industry details that are essential for anyone pursuing a career in fashion photography. Thanks to her guidance, I feel more at ease in an industry with no set blueprint for success. Hayley is an honest and supportive mentor, and I thoroughly recommend that anyone feeling stuck book a session!”

Jake Gill

“For many years I have been shooting subjects that I was not passionate about. In recent years I am finally focusing on what I enjoy shooting, but I was struggling with difficulties editing my work and understanding in which direction I should go in as a photographer. Hayley enlightened me to understand how the market will perceive my work and the next steps I should take. I was immediately feeling energised and excited to go further and realised that the solution was right under my nose. Now I can see my work again with fresh eyes, and a kinder approach to myself. With simple and effective stralegies, I can be where I want to be as a photographer with confidence.”

Bruno Rondinelli

“I got in touch with Boutique Mentoring because I felt like I’d hit a plateau in my work. It’s so hard to progress as a photographer because we’re so often just left to our own devices to try and figure things out, and I knew I needed some external guidance and a pair of fresh eyes on everything. Hayley was wonderful, and really look the time to get to know me and my work. We went through my whole portfolio in depth, and I left feeling not only like I had a new perspective on things, but excited to get to work and see what the future holds. She answered all of my questions generously, and was extremely encouraging. I’d highly recommend booking a session.”

Olivia Bossert